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NM0S Electronics

ink/Photoshop 9 x 12

Los Angeles Police pipe band Christmas card 2017

acrylic gouache on board/ink/Photoshop 10 x 14

NE0DA - QSL card

ink/Photoshop 8 x 11

Los Angeles Police pipe band Christmas card 2018

acrylic gouache on board/ink/colored pencil/Photoshop 10 x 14

Los Angeles Police pipe band poster

ink and Photoshop 24 x 36

Los Angeles Police pipe band notecard

ink and Photoshop 5 x 7

Best of Callers CD Cover


Arlington Amateur Radio Club T-shirt


The Gift of Cubes


Mr. Gru


Stuffed Johnny Five for Christmas

Pen and Ink/Photoshop



Rubik's Movie CD

Illustrator/Photoshop, CD Cover

Lyssa Lou CD

Photoshop, CD Cover

Drummer Boy

Ink drawing/Photoshop, Christmas card

Hub City Pipes and Drums Logo

Adobe Illustrator

Baton Rouge Caledonian Drumhead

Adobe Illustrator composite with drawn image

Baton Rouge Caledonian Logo/Drumhead

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

San Bernardino Sheriff Piper T-shirt

ink drawing/Photoshop

City of Rockford Pipe Band Winter Ceilidh Logo

Adobe Illustrator

Paul Lemur's Everywhere

ink drawing/Photoshop

The Polymer Matrix


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